Trending Online Dating App – “Searching For Love”.

Where To Find The Love of Your Life. SEARCHING FOR LOVE is a safe virtual space for stranded hearts to find each other and connect for a beautiful future together.  It was born out of a personal experience of living a very busy life in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, an 8am to 5pm supposed […]

How I Turned a Giant Overnight.

Unfunny as it is, my height of 500cm is still as real as life. Suzy almost slept on the floor to achieve this angle of shot. Lol! Yeah! I can’t believe you thought I actually turned into a giant overnight. Thanks so much for patiently reading through. So i decided to explore more and get […]


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Hi, I’m Joany, a freelance writer. I derive joy from discovering what lies behind WHYs. I spend most of my time exploring my talents and skills and impacting on people. This blog is for my love of writing and sharing my favorite thoughts, ideas and more with you!

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